Module 11 – How To Pick Up “9s” and “10s”, Secrets Of A Bad Boy Pickup Artist, and Dance Floor Pick Up Tips


 Get ready for a huge module because this one is packed to the max!

First up, we’ve got an audio coaching session that I recorded with Jon Sinn on how to seduce 9s and 10s. These advanced-level tactics are designed for you to use on exceptionally beautiful women who are used to being approached and hit on by tons of dudes.

With these types of women, standard pickup & attraction techniques often are not that effective. You’ll need to “tweak” your tactics (and demonstrate higher value) in order to capture the attention of extremely hot women and make them feel attracted towards you. In this audio session, I explain how it’s done.

This module also contains a live presentation by the infamous bad boy pickup artist known as “Ratisse.” He explains how to stop wasting your time in the “friend zone” and quickly escalate your interactions with women towards sex.

This dude has got a ridiculous track record with hot women and has slept with too many to count…and in this video he breaks down and explains some of the clever, sneaky (and sometimes hilarious) tactics he uses to get the job done.

Enjoy the video and the bonuses that we’ve loaded into this module!

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