Module 12 – Alpha Male Lifestyle Secrets

Welcome to your final Alpha Immersion module. This one is packed with advanced hardcore material. 

First, download your copy of The Alpha Rules, the explosive hit book by Carlos Xuma and Dean Cortez. This book is your ultimate guide to transforming yourself into a supremely confident and socially powerful Alpha Male who is respected by men and CRAVED by women.

Next, check out the “Online Bootcamp” video from the legendary pickup artist Gambler. He’s the top pickup artist in the U.K. and the founder of PUA Training.

In this video, he explains a bunch of his breakthrough methods for approaching women, creating attraction fast, and closing the deal.

Gambler’s perspective on pickup is unique, and this is an incredibly
valuable addition to the training you’ve been receiving.

Also, be sure to download the special report from “Alpha Male” lifestyle trainer John Alexander, who has four very powerful BREAKTHROUGHS to share with you that promise to elevate your love life and get you laid a lot more often!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as I have enjoyed teaching you…now get out there and make me proud!

Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez

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