Module 4 – Secrets Of Verbal Seduction

We’ve got an action-packed module for you this time. First up is Video #2 in our Conversation Mastery series. In this video, you’ll learn how to be unique and original when you talk to women, and we’ll arm you with advanced verbal tactics to make women feel a sense of chemistry and attraction towards you…even if you just met her! Being a confident, in-command conversationalist is a surefire way to “fast track” your success with women. This video will arm you with more powerful tools to help you achieve this goal.

And that’s just for starters! Also be sure to download the controversial special report by Jon Sinn on “The Art Of Speaking Womanese.” (You know how chicks always say one thing, but act another way? My buddy Sinn has figured out how to literally translate the words (and behaviors) of women so that you’ll always know what’s really running through their minds…and then, we’ve got a major live presentation by the mighty “Manwhore.” Hey, any guy who calls himself that must have a big ol’ pair of armor-plated balls…well, wait ’till you hear him lay out his rules for getting women into your bed FAST.

We hope you’re loving these modules so far…and we’re not even halfway through the Alpha Immersion program. We’ve got a TON more information to share with you! Now let’s get down to business…


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