Module 5 – Advanced Approach & Attraction-Building Tactics

Featuring LoveSystems, Neil Strauss, And The Infamous “Under The Wire” Video

 In this Alpha Immersion training module we’ve got an exclusive interview that Dean Cortez conducted with Nick Savoy, the CEO of Love Systems, which runs the world’s biggest seminars for guys who want to learn pickup. Savoy is the former partner of “Mystery,”the famed pickup artist featured in the best-selling book The Game.

Since forming Love Systems, Savoy has been featured on TV shows including Tyra Banks and Dr. Phil, where his pickup skills have been put to the test in front of audiences of millions. (Clips from these TV appearances are below…)

In this interview, Dean and Savoy cover a number of topics, including a bunch of killer material & tips from Savoy’s book
“Routines: Manual 2” (which is filled with clever, playful routines you can use on girls to instantly create conversations and get them into what you’re saying).

Enjoy my interview with Savoy — I got him to reveal a ton of great stuff. (Don’t miss his stories about taking a group of students to The Playboy Mansion, and how these regular guys actually used this techniques to hook up with insanely hot women!) Then, download a bunch of free chapters from Love System’s two best books: Magic Bullets (their original “seduction bible”), and Routines Manual 2.

Next, check out our video coaching session “Under The Wire,” in which underground seduction guru Ranger Xexplains how to cleverly slip past a woman’s force field (y’know, the barrier she puts up to screen out all the lameguys who try to talk to her), and how to capture her attention and interest by playing on female psychology. And, don’t miss the latest installment of “Dear Dean,” where I answer questions from our members. I think you’ll find this latest Q&A very interesting.

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