Module 6 – Dating Foreign Women & Being A “Leading Man”

Hey, it’s your wingman Dean and I want to welcome you back! This module is LOADED with powerful content so get ready to soak up a ton of information. First, we’ve got an interview that Jon Sinn did with me on the subject of Dating Asian Women. Personally, I think hot Asian girls are the some of the sexiest women out there.

I’ve dated girls from many different Asian countries and from all backgrounds — from airline stewardesses, to models and go-go dancers — and over the years I’ve come up with a complete set of tactics & principles for hooking up with Asian women. Check out the exclusive video session that starts off this module, and you’ll see what I mean.

You’ll also find in this module an audio session with Scot McKay, founder of X&Y Communications. Scot’s area of expertise is “relationship management” — being the MAN who makes a woman feel total loyalty and devotion. This is powerful information to add to your knowledge base.

And this module also contains a few cool bonuses — including our special report on Strip Club Seduction and a huge live presentation by Adam Lyons — who is rated by many pickup websites as the #1 pickup artist in the world.

Enjoy — and stay tuned for your next module, which is even bigger and contains even more content!

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