Module 7: “Seduction Magic” and Comfort Building Tactics

Welcome back to the Alpha Immersion VIP program. This module is packed with spectacular content, starting with a powerful interview I did with Jon Sinn on the subject of “Social Comfort.” 

Making a woman feel comfortable with you is necessary in order for you to build attraction and get physical with her. But most guys simply don’t understand the importance of comfort-building, and skip this step (or do it all wrong).

In this interview, Sinn lays out his process for Comfort Building and explains how to integrate it into your interactions with women. This is super important stuff, so pay close attention.

This action-packed module also contains videos and interviews with Brad Jackson (who combined magic tricks and pickup techniques to create a completely new type of seduction system), a special report from dating guru Carlos Xuma, a seminar video from famed pickup instructor Heartwork, and more. Enjoy!

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