Module 8 – Secrets Of Same Night Lays (BangHer The First Night!)

If you’re going to be unstoppable with women, you need to master the art of the Same Night Lay. This means closing the deal fast and sleeping with a girl the first night that you meet her.

Because sometimes, this will be your ONLY chance to make it happen!

This could be one night of no-strings-attached sex, or it could be the beginning of a relationship. (Several times, I’ve gone on to date girls that I slept with on the first night.)

When you bang her the first night AND show her a great time, you choice is now up to YOU whether you want to take things further with her.

Just know this: women are up for sex as much as we are! You’ve just got to know how to guide them down that path and help them to overcome their internal doubts and concerns about hooking up with a guy they just met.

The challenge for most guys is that they’re “gun shy” about speeding it up when they meet a girl. They introduce themselves, spend time talking to her, and get her phone number… THINKING this is “just the beginning”…when in reality, you might NEVER get another chance to bang this girl.

The reality is this: if you don’t sleep with a woman within a week of meeting her, you probably never will. You will either: A) Not see her again, because she says she is too “busy.” (Translation: her interest in you has faded. She’s on to other things, and other guys. An attractive woman has new sexual options presented to her every day. )

Or, B) You do see her again, but you wind up stuck in the “Friend Zone.” Because you failed to escalate, she puts you in the category of the nice, harmless friends she hangs out with occasionally, but will NOT sleep with.

Mastering the art of the Same Night Lay is the solution. Women will NEVER view you as a wussy nice guy. You’ll be the cocky, playful, sexual “bad boy” who makes women feel aroused…and up for anything.

*NOTE: These secrets integrate seamlessly into the approach & pickup tactics you’ve been learning in the Alpha Immersion program. You won’t have to make any drastic changes to your game. It’s about learning an extra set of techniques that are specifically designed to “close” girls fast.

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