Module 9 – Strip Club Domination and Approach Demonstrations


 This very special Alpha Immersion module contains the keys to living out some of your wildest sexual fantasies. I’m talking about having a “rock star sex life” that includes banging super-hot strippers & exotic dancers.

Yes, we’ve actually got a system for dominating strip clubs and meeting up with strippers away from their work…and trust me, these are some of the hottest, sexually uninhibited women you’ll ever be with. (They’re also a hell of a lot of fun to party with.)

In this first section of this module, one of the most respected pickup artists in the game — Gambler, the founder of PUA Training — sits down with me to dish the “dirt” on his wild success at strip clubs and his secrets for getting his favorite pole-dancers and G-string divas back to his house and into his bed.

Gambler is from London (you’ll notice the accent) and he’s seduced many strippers on his own home turf, as well as in cities across America (including Las Vegas — the stripper capital of the world).

Next up, we’ve got a video coaching module in which I sit down with the notorious pickup artist known as Adonis to discuss some more advanced aspects of strip club game. (He used to actually manage one of the top strip clubs in Vegas, so he brings an “insider perspective” that is crucial!)

Now that you’ve reached Module #9 of Alpha Immersion, and have only three more Modules to go, we’re really going to dig deep and give you some of our very best A-level content.

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