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fmcThe Female Mind Control Manual

Female Mind Control is not only field-tested, but scientifically proven to get you results. This step-by-step proven course gives you super human powers over women and allows you to become 1% of the truly elite. This is because it fuses together breakthroughs in Human Behavioral Psychology with Female Sexual Dynamics. It will give you the power to control a woman’s mind – so be ready!

Click Here For The FMC Manual

Bonus #1: “Conversation Commando” Video SeriesConversation-Commando

This bonus consists of three videos that give you a full arsenal of conversational strategies to use with women. Never again will you be “tongue tied” or struggle to figure out “what to say.”

Soak up these lessons, and from now on you’ll to into every conversation with a rock-solid game plan for success.

Click here to view the videos.

Bonus #2: Body Language Masterybody=language-mastery

Did you know 80% of communication is non-verbal? Every time you interact with a woman…or even glance at her across a crowded room…there are body language signals being sent back and forth.

Here, you’ll learn how to quickly master the art of non-verbal communication. This module gets “super tactical” and reveals secrets used by F.B.I agents and members of the intelligence community to instantly “read” a person’s body language.

Click here for this report.

Bonus #3: Hypotheticalshypotheticals

Here’s a kick-ass bag of tricks that is guaranteed to take your conversations with women to the next level. This is a complete arsenal of fun, sexy hypothetical questions you can ask during your conversations…

To spark any woman’s imagination and connect with her on a deeper emotional level. It’s the ultimate “cure” to boring small talk and your friends are going to be begging you to share these secrets.

Click here for this report.

Bonus #4: Crawl Inside Her Mind

binderfront_217x217Use these “mind control hacks” while you’re talking to a girl, and you’ll have her hanging on your every word and feeling an irresistible sense of sexual attraction towards you.

After learning these quick (but extremely powerful) lessons, you’ll never again wonder “what do say next.” These female mind control secrets will be hard-wired into you!

Click here for this report.

Bonus #5: The Friend Zone Annihilator

Friend-Zone-AnnihilatorHere’s how to make any woman desire you in a sexual way, even if she’s thought of you up until now as “just a friend.” Learn the 6 secrets in this bonus, and women will always see you IMMEDIATELY as a guy they want to sleep with.

Or if you have a female friend right now, and you want to bang her or make her your girlfriend, just use 4 of the 6 secrets and SHE will be the one to make a move on YOU.

Click here for this report.

Bonus #6: Get the Look Women Love

get-the-look-women-loveThis bonus module shows you how to easily and massively improve your appearance, without having to lose weight, go to the gym, or spend a bunch of money on fancy clothes.

You’ll learn subtle (but extremely powerful) “tweaks” you can make to your appearance and style to make women instantly notice you, and find you handsome.

Click here for this report.

internet-seductionBonus #7: Internet Seduction

This copy-and-paste method makes hooking up with girls online even easier than ordering a pizza. This module reveals the mistakes 83% of guys make in their choice of username and their headline, with specific examples of real–life good (and bad) ones…

How to craft the ULTIMATE profile to attract endless women, including some *sneaky tips* that will give you an unfair advantage over the other guys… and much, much more.

Click here for this report.

Bonus #8: Secrets Of “Sexual Hypnosis”instant-sexual-hypnosis

In this closely-guarded special report, you’ll discover how to use the psychological science of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to “hijack” a woman’s thoughts and emotions and make her feel irresistible attraction towards you. We’ll give you ten proven NLP seduction patterns and explain exactly how and when to use them for maximum effect.

Click here for this report.

SECRET BONUS #1: Four “Cocky Flirting” Tactics

Hey champ, this is your wingman Dean Cortez.

Here’s a private coaching video that one of my lead instructors recorded for you. In it, you’ll discover four of my favorite “cocky flirting tactics” that will make women feel automatic, undeniable SEXUAL ATTRACTION towards you.


LOOK: Free Video Reveals 4 Cocky Flirting Tactics To Use On Girls

SECRET BONUS #2: “Seduction Roadmap” Video Mini-Course


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