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Module 1 – 4 : [Guide] What Women Want When It Comes To… Men, Dating and Sex

Men’s Top Dating Dilemmas Answered!

By Tiffany Taylor

If you’ve been unlucky with the ladies for the longest time, then it’s about time you do some research and find out what it is really that women are looking for when it comes to men, attraction, dating and sex.

A lot of men presume to know what it is that turns women on. But the fact is, only a woman truly knows what goes on in a woman’s mind.

This mini report is designed to give you an overview – an orientation – into the inner workings of the female mind. In this report, I will share with you the unconscious desires of women and how this translates to our choices when it comes to choosing our men. I will even go one step further and answer the questions on top of most men’s minds when it comes to approaching, seducing and pleasing women.

Why Do Women Fall For The “Bad Guy”?

We’ve heard it often enough that good guys finish last. Why is it that women seem to always fall for the “bad guy”? What it is about this tough persona that women find so irresistible?

When a woman sees a man, she automatically assesses his suitability as a mate. This assessment happens instantly and it happens unconsciously. It’s all based on initial impressions that a woman senses from a man – and that a man unconsciously sends out!

Within seconds of their encounter, a woman will decide whether a man is strong, confident, and virile enough to be a good sexual match. Of course, this doesn’t mean that she wants to procreate with every man she considers suitable, but that is simply how the subconscious puts order and meaning into every encounter. It creates a threshold that men need to pass if they want to at least be considered in the running.

These snap assessments that happen in a blink of an eye are the product of biology and centuries of conditioning. For one, we all know that in order for the human race to survive, we need strong genes. This instinct for survival is something that is hardwired in our brain. And that is why men with great physique are attractive to women – it’s because their healthy bodies are indicative of healthy genes.

Next to that, we also know that in the past, once a woman becomes pregnant, she will need help fending for herself and to help provide for the little one. This is why a woman will look at how a man presents himself, if he has the necessary resources to provide for her and their possible offspring.

In this instance, resources don’t always mean wealth. It can mean a special skill or a special talent that is prized in society. It could also be a man’s social status. Someone well regarded in society is considered as someone with resources to protect and provide for his mate and children.

Traditionally, men are considered the leaders and heads of families. Whoever brings in the bacon naturally gets the most say as to where and how this gets allocated. This is why confidence is important. Women want men who are decisive because in this uncertain world, if we cannot make good decisions, then we just float idly by, achieving nothing. And no woman wants this for herself and her family.

Now, on to the idea of supply and demand. We know that when something is in short supply, there is more competition for the same item. Sadly, there aren’t that many men who exhibit the right qualities and this is why the few men who do are swamped by women.

Do you ever wonder why players are so successful? It’s precisely because they’ve mastered pushing women’s subconscious buttons. They are able to surpass that “threshold” that the subconscious has set and can immediately present themselves as a suitable sexual match at first glance. In the world of dating, this undeniably, is a huge advantage.

But getting over that threshold is just the first step. In order to get into women’s hearts and beds, you need to be able to carry through. It’s not enough to just look the part; you have to be the part. You need to be able to reinforce this image in your subsequent encounters – in your conversations, in the activities that you do together, in the way you make her feel about herself.

If you want to be successful with women, you’ve got to look at both the science and the art of it. By mastering these two, you will be able to see a dramatic difference in how women receive you. If you give women what they want, they’ll be more than willing to make your wildest fantasies come true.

Do I Stand A Chance Even If I’m Short, Fat and Ugly?

Women are popularly known to favor men who are tall, dark and handsome. If you are the complete opposite – short, fat and ugly, does that mean you don’t stand a chance with the ladies?

In the previous section we talked about how women make snap decisions about a man’s suitability as a sexual partner. Obviously, having a great physique – tall, dark and handsome – is an advantage. Good looks are attractive and they indicate good genes.

Thankfully, what forms women’s definition of good genes isn’t all based on brawn. In this day and age, smart is the new handsome. I said smart not nerdy and there is a distinction. If you are not sure whether you’re smart or nerdy, here’s a checklist of what smart looks like:

He is comfortable in his own skin and is gracious in the manner he interacts with other people

He dresses well, looks well put together, clean and smells good.

He knows how to initiate and keep a conversation going.

He knows how to send the correct message using his body, to flirt appropriately, to respond appropriately to women’s attraction signals.

When you really think about it, what it boils down to is confidence. It doesn’t matter how good you look, if you don’t have confidence in yourself, you still won’t attract women. If you look confident, suddenly, you will look like the kind of man every woman in the room wants to be with.

With these definitions of what “handsome” is for women, you see why you don’t need to be naturally good looking to catch a woman’s eye. In fact, even if you are average looking, there will always be ways for you to enhance how you look and your level confidence. If you want to make a better impact on women, then these actions come highly recommended:

Practice good hygiene. No matter how pleasing you look, if you smell bad and are dirty, women are going to be turned off. Take a shower. Use a deodorant/antiperspirant. Brush your teeth often, floss, and use a mouthwash. Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed. Before leaving the house, spray on your favorite cologne. Don’t leave the house without carrying breath mints.

Keep your skin clear. Acne is a big turn off, not to mention the damage it does to your self-confidence. If you have this skin problem, then you better find a solution for it. If you are wary of using over the counter acne remedies, then pay a visit to a dermatologist who can recommend a safe and effective way for you to get rid of your acne and prevent them from ever coming back.

Wear clothes that fit well. Choosing clothes that fit right can really boost your looks, and especially so for men who are overweight or are a bit on the short side. By just choosing clothes that hug your body right and accentuate your positive features, you can instantly knock off a few pounds off your weight or add a few inches to your height. For example, if you are overweight, the worst thing that you can do is wear baggy clothes that make you look heavier than your actual weight. If you are not sure what styles of clothes you should be wearing, don’t hesitate to ask the sales attendants at the department stores. Better yet, go to boutiques where the staff will be better trained at giving you suggestions. This fashion advice will go a long way in improving your look and boosting your confidence.

Choose the right hairstyle. Our hair frames our face, so its immediate impact on how we look is going to be very obvious. If you want to instantly make yourself look more attractive, more put together, more successful and more confident then, this is the one change that can do the trick. So don’t scrimp on styling your hair. Go to a salon and have it styled by a senior stylist. Also, get his suggestions on how you should wear your hair and what products to use. As a side note, if you have a receding hairline, consider going bald.

Mind your posture. Your posture is the way you carry yourself when you walk, you stand up, and you sit down. It says a lot about how confident you are. It is one of the things that is definitely factored in when a woman is sizing you up. So if you are used to slouching, then it’s time you rediscover the use of your spine.

Get rid of nervous habits. Women can smell fear from a distance, and that’s because you display it in front of everyone to see. Unnecessary movements that indicate nervousness like constantly touching the face, or folding and unfolding of hands, or moving and shifting body weight – these are all very distracting and they are very obvious signs of stress and lack of confidence. If you don’t know what you nervous habits are, ask your close friends to not spare your feelings and tell you what annoying habits you exhibit when you are nervous. That’s the first step to stopping it.

Make deliberate movements. This is another sign of confidence and decisiveness that women find sexy. When you decide to move, say you decide to cross your arms, changing your mind and stopping your action midway, is not attractive behavior. It can also be seen as a sign of nervousness. This is something you need to avoid.

Fix whatever is hurting your self-esteem. If there is something that is pulling your self-esteem down, then hurry up and do something about it – right away! Maybe it’s your weight, or maybe it’s your teeth. Whatever it is, don’t let it continue to drag your confidence level to the depths of Hades. If you feel better about yourself, you’ll be more sociable, more fun to be around, and more likely to be the guy women want to be with.

Does It Matter How Rich I Am?

Another thing that prevents some men from succeeding with women is thinking that they are not rich enough to date the women they want. But when it comes to wealth, really, it matters only as much or as little as you make it to be.

Let me explain what I mean. If you are not rich, or if you think you are not rich enough, and you become bitter and insecure because of this, then it does matter. It’s making your chances of meeting and attracting women plummet because of your negativity.

However, the number of zeroes in your bank account doesn’t have to matter. Even men who are unemployed and broke can still succeed with women. Incredible? Not really. It’s all about how you are able to turn things around and present your situation in the best possible light.

For instance, you are out of a job right now. Instead of saying, “I got fired so now I’m unemployed ,” you can say, “I’m currently evaluating my options. I’m deciding whether to go into treasury or foreign currency trading. I’ve been a financial analyst for so long, I felt that I needed to find something with more action in it, something that will excite me and challenge me.” It sounds much more impressive – much more like you are the one driving your fate.

You will also remember that when it comes to judging resources, it’s not all just dollars and cents. There’s also your social standing, and the talents and skills that you possess. Don’t lose sight of that and always highlight your best qualities.

What Do Women Really Think Of Inexperienced Guys?

Just like the previous question, this is something that matters as much or as little as you want it to. It all depends on your perspective. How you view your particular situation will greatly influence how women will react to it.

Sexual experience is something that is not apparent in your actions. Of course, women think that men who are charming and attractive are also the men who are going to be great in bed. But that’s not necessarily because of previous experience.

It’s more because they are naturally so great with women outside the bedroom that it leaves no doubt in her mind that he’ll be similarly fantastic in bed. And it’s also because the man has connected with her on a lot of other levels that it gives her reason to expect that the same chemistry will be present when they finally have sex. It has nothing to do at all with previous experience.

Let’s say, for whatever reason, you and the woman you are dating talk about prior sexual experience and you have none. How do you get out of this potentially embarrassing (and devastating) conversation? You can always say, “Well, the special girl hasn’t come along yet, till now.” Or “I don’t just go and have sex with every gorgeous girl I date. She has to be something more… something special.” With lines like these, who needs sexual experience?

Don’t let your lack of experience bother you. Women don’t know and women don’t care as much as you worry they might.

How Do I Bounce Back From Failure?

Another thing that gets men down is failure. Some men fail on the first try and as a result, are hesitant to try again. For some reason, they think that their one failure can brand them as a loser, and so in all subsequent approaches to women, they will always carry this stigma. This cannot be further from the truth.

The thing about dating is it’s a numbers game. And no matter how good you are, you will still encounter women who will not be receptive to your advances. In a sense, rejection is inevitable. But if you give up, then you will never know the sweet joy of success.

Having said that, you need to treat attraction and dating like anything else. You need to treat failure as opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Don’t take it personally. Like when you learned how to drive or how to ride a bike – it wasn’t smooth sailing from day 1. And until now, if you allow yourself, you can still benefit from learning a trick or two. It’s the same thing when it comes to romancing women.

You need to take into account that women, after all, are people too, with different tastes and preferences. Some techniques work well on some women but not on others. Make it part of your training to be sensitive to these differences and adjust your approach accordingly.

This is where dating as an art form is most apparent. You can learn the techniques, but it’s up to you to make it your own and use those techniques in a style and fashion that is natural and effective for you. In order to do this, you need to view failure as inevitable, necessary and of course, temporary, while you become better and better.

Does Seduction Training Really Work?

This is a question that you need to decide for yourself. A lot of men have benefitted from seduction training, and it’s not just the novice’s who’ve learned a lot. Even men who have been successfully dating for quite a while also take up seduction training because they find that it helps them refine their techniques, gain new ones, and perform better with women overall.

The benefits of undergoing seduction training are as follows:

    Gain a massive advantage over your competitors. 90% of the men you compete with will not have seduction training. That puts you at a massive advantage. You’ll know what you’re doing. They don’t.

  • The basic information you need to understand the female psyche and what makes them tick is explained to you in a formal, logical and easy to understand manner. You don’t have to be a psych major to find out how you can turn how women think to your advantage.

  • You find out what you need to make yourself more attractive to women. Skip the painful and embarrassing trial and error.

  • Now you can relax when you’re in the company of gorgeous women, because you know exactly what you need to do.

  • You learn techniques on how to approach women, how to keep a conversation, how to flirt effectively and so on. You tap into a wide array of options and tips that have worked for a lot of men in a lot of situations – similar situations that you will find yourself in when you interact with women.

  • You are taught how to read female body language, how to find out if they are attracted to you, if they are ready for the next level of intimacy, and so on. This will help your progress to sex much faster. Don’t miss her cues and lose your chance at an exciting affair.

For the best seduction training that you can immediately and discreetly access online, get a copy of “Be The Guy Who Gets The Girl”. Here, I have disclosed all the secrets and unconscious desires of women to help nice guys like you possess what you need to in order to approach any woman, anywhere and know exactly what to say. You can get the full details of this product right here:


This is Tiffany Taylor signing off for now. I hope to talk to you soon and answer more of your dating and seduction questions. Do drop by my site on pick up, dating and seduction if you’d like to see more of my work. Ciao!


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